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DMA Portland Reviews Company Functions

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DMA Portland reviews company functions in Portland Oregon: The solutions DMA provides are second-to-none in the Pacific Northwest. Upon acquisition of a new client, DMA Portland reviews that client's marketing and approach to customer acquisition and retention. DMA then systematically launches additional resources and marketing channels to drive revenue and longer brand loyalty from customers. DMA Portland, OR was created in response to the large and expandind demand for alternatives to the costly traditional channels of marketing and communications.

Jason Royce, a DMA Portland manager reviews: "We started the company not too long ago with only a handful of employees. Since then, we have been contacted by numerous companies to represent them. I'm very excited to take on these new challenges and so is my team. However, that leaves us one problem...we have to hire a lot of talented people. We have to hire not only people willing to learn our business from the ground up, but people who also want to pursue additional opportunities in management down the road." 

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DMA Portland can only grow as quickly as the individuals within. Therefore, a lot of time and resources are allocated to recruiting and training those individuals into top positions. DMA plans to expand past Portland Oregon into additional cities and industries in the upcoming months. The staff of DMA Portland have proven themselves time and time again with the company's current client, but the size and scope of the additional demand will require more talented individuals to join the team.

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DMA Portland Reviews Goals and Strategy in Oregon

In order for DMA to expand into new markets, the company must first hire and train the right individuals. The right individuals are not people just looking for a DMA Portland job, they are individuals who wish to take on new responsibilities to help the company grow. To paraphrase the old saying, sometimes great opportunities are dressed in workmans' clothes. Be sure to check out DMA Portland Reviews for our opinions on current marketing trends and topics for success in virtually any industry.


DMA Portland reviews several different resumes and looks for a track record in communications, teamwork, leadership, work ethic, integrity, and professinoalism. A candidate is contacted shortly after the resumes are reviewed and he/she is invited to a preliminary interview. If the candidate is successful in the interviewing process, he/she is brought in for a second and more in-depth interview discussing company functions and details of the entry level position. If a third and final round interview is conducted and the prospective employee is chosen, they may be able to start as soon as possible.


Once a person gains employment with DMA Portland, they are given the training to succeed in the industry of sales and marketing. Candidates are trained in the following areas:

  •  Sales techniques
  • Customer retention strategies
  • Marketing theory and application
  • Leadership
  • Finances
  • Management
  • Training
  • Coaching


After a DMA Portland employee has proven themself in the sales/marketing arena AND have demonstrated excellence in management, administration, and finances, he/she is promoted into a managing partnership position. This process is similar to how a Jr. Exec at a larger firm becomes a full partner. The biggest doesn't take years. The entire training process at DMA Portland - from a person's first day to managing partner - can be done in less than 2 years. For more ambitious individuals, the process could take only a year. All promotions are based on competency an performance. Its up to the employee.

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